Alternatives Asian Long Short Investing

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Learn with Josh Best about how a long-short strategy works, the origins of long-short investing and how short selling actually works. You will also learn about ways to source and research investment ideas as well as how to identify the catalysts that unlock the value of those ideas. Listen to Josh share stock stories throughout the course with a module dedicated to a case-study on Spotless and why Josh took a position in this company.

Learn from Mike Surridge about how to approach portfolio construction and risk monitoring of a long-short portfolio. Hear from Mike about how he set limits, what risks he looks at in a portfolio and how risks are controlled for in a portfolio.

What you will learn?

  • About long short investing
  • How short selling works
  • How to source and research investment ideas
  • Why catalysts are need to unlock value
  • How long short portfolios are constructed
  • The qualitative factors to look out for when utilising the value approach to equities
  • How to manage risk in a portfolio

Course Curriculum

ALS Introduction 00:08:00
In this module, Mike Surridge introduces the key concepts of long short investing as well as his investment methodology and philosophy to provide a background for the following modules in the course.
ALS Long Short Investing 00:09:00
In this module, Mike Surridge explains the history and principles of long short investing. Learn how short-selling works, why people short sell, what a long short portfolio looks like and finally the skills and tools required to be a successful long-short investor.
ALS Sourcing Investment Ideas 00:09:00
In this module, Josh Best explains what to he looks out for, who to talk to, and where to look and what to focus on when searching for trade ideas and researching companies for further consideration,
ALS Identifying Catalysts 00:08:00
In this module Josh teaches you about catalysts, how to identify them and why they are important when making investments.
ALS Spotless Case Study 00:06:00
Listen to Josh Best run you through Spotless, how he sourced the idea, the analysis he undertook, the catalysts he identified and the position KIS took to profit from his view of the company.
ALS Portfolio Construction 00:11:00
In this module Mike Surridge will teach you about how to build a robust portfolio through taking a series of calculates risks. Learn from Mike about position sizing and take you through an example of how longs, shorts and futures can be combined to achieve a portfolio with zero net market exposure.
ALS Risk Monitoring 00:07:00
For the Risk monitoring module, Mike Surridge will teach you about portfolio monitoring as well as techniques and operational processes that can be put in place to effectively manage risk.
ALS Exercise 00:30:00
In the exercise module you will have the opportunity to combine long and short positions to build a long short portfolio with zero net exposure, calculate the gross exposure and undertake scenario analysis on the portfolio.
ALS Reading List 00:30:00
Read articles and research from the manager relating to the course, his investment style and investment process.
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