Australian Equity Value Investing Course

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Learn with James Williamson from Wentworth Williamson about how to build a portfolio of Australian shares utilising a value investment approach.

This course provides a unique insight into the approach used by an investment manager unaccessible to the average investor. Learn from, James Williamson as he shares his take on value investing and the methods he uses to screen and identify companies for inclusion into his portfolio. Additionally learn about why psychology is important when investing and what techniques can be used to avoid being caught by common psychological biases.

Finally listen to a case study on Nuplex and what drove James to include this stock in his portfolio.

What you will learn?

  • What are the key elements to consider in a value investment approach
  • Why prices are not always driven by fundamentals
  • Why it is important to pay attention to the pyschology of investing
  • Screens that can be used to short-list companies for further analysis
  • What characteristics to look for in a company when investing
  • What to consider when building an investment thesis
  • When to sell a stock as a value investor

Course Curriculum

AEV1 Introduction 00:10:00
In this module, James shares an overview of his and Wentworth Williamson's investment methodology and introduces the key concepts of his investment style to provide a background for the following modules in the course.
AEV2 Value Investing 00:10:00
There are different elements of value investing. In this module James shares his thoughts on those elements which he sees as the most important as well as providing a case study on Broadspectrum (formally Transfield) to illustrate his approach to value investing.
AEV3 The Psychology of Investing 00:06:00
When investing the prices of stocks are out of your control and how you react make you a good investor or a bad investor. In this module James discusses how psychology affects investors and strategies to avoid being caught by the psychological biases that affect many investors.
AEV4 Identifying Undervalued Companies 00:10:00
In this module James shares the techniques he uses to narrow down the universe to identify companies worthy of further analysis and shares the characteristics he looks for when investing in companies.
AEV5 The Investment Thesis 00:06:00
To decide to buy a company is linked to the investment thesis. In this module James shares how he looks at building an investment thesis and discusses how he approaches the decision to buy and sell a company.
AEV6 Building the investment thesis and the portfolio – Case Study 00:07:00
To decide to buy (and sell) a company is linked to the investment thesis. In this module James shares how he looks at building an investment thesis and discusses how he approaches building his portfolio. In this module James provides you with a real-life example how he came to hold a company in the Wentworth Williamson portfolio, Learn as James discusses how he identified the company as being at a discount to intrinsic value and what characteristics drove him to invest in that company.
AEV7 Exercise 00:00:00
As an exercise James invites you to take what you've learned and build your own checklists to identify companies, build your investment thesis and avoid getting caught out by by pyschological biases.
AEV8 Reading List 00:00:00
Read articles and research relating to the course, James' investment style and his investment process.
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